Let Me Be Your Muse


New year, new website, new blog. I have intended to begin a blog for many years and have decided there is no time like the present. I plan to use this platform to elaborate on some of my interests, experiences and adventures, giving you a privileged insight into my remarkable world.

I begin by sharing this striking portrait by Sardax. As many of you have praised this illustration I am choosing to shed a little light on its creation.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Sardax many years ago. Over time we have developed a fruitful artist / muse relationship resulting in a number of client commissions and Femdom editorials. I have enjoyed being part of the collaborative aspect of the creative process which is explored and negotiated when creating such a work.

In this case we began with a relaxed and informal, initial sketch. Sardax’s eyes followed the curves of my face as his pencil marked his page, capturing my likeness. In-depth and impassioned discussions followed in exploring the artistic direction the portrait was to take. These included the narrative to be explored, fetishes to be represented and actions to be depicted. Once these finer details were established the next phase of creating staged photographs began. These images become a reference point and framework for the final composition. Sardax then returned to his studio to refine the illustration, further developing the concept.  His comprehensive understanding of Female / male power dynamics and the complexities of their visual representation can be seen in the finished piece. I was ultimately thrilled to be presented with the image I share here.

Gloved and booted; I am portrayed wrapped in some of my favourite signifiers of dominance and fetsihistic power. Mysterious but unmistakably servile male creatures salivate at my leather thigh-high boots. Desperate flickering tongues lapping; teased, tormented and denied. Riding crop at the ready, poised on my thorned throne, just out of reach. You can almost hear the desperate groans and whimpers filling the silence as they wait for the order to worship my dangling boots.

Being visually represented in this context is a form of worship in itself. Artists have drawn inspiration from strong and beautiful women since the beginning of time. When endeavouring to capture the power and allure of a dominant woman by recreating her likeness an artist is doing more than capturing beauty, he is worshipping the muse who inspires the unrequited pursuit of perfection.

Lola London