With her gorgeous body wrapped in dark latex and her beautiful face topped by her long blonde hair, Lady Lola is a powerful source for many fantasies and desires.  London is very fortunate to have a fetish provider that combines beauty, sensuality, skill and adventure, into a theatrical and playful world.  She is an artist at transforming pain into pleasure.  Our session was brief, but still managed to cover many different areas that displayed her depth of skill and her delight for the fantasies we explored.  I will certainly be returning to Lady Lola next time I return to London.

Slave M

Lady Lola has true elegance and grace as befits someone with balletic training. She knows how to wear and use a pair of pointe shoes (the ultimate in "high heels") - I am not one who is generally into foot worship, but I cannot resist those pink satin shoes!

Do not be deceived though, the Lady will still administer torment and torture upon her slaves in a calming, measured fashion. I have been stretched on the rack, placed in full chains as well as suspended while being subjected to whatever torment pleases her.

A special situation was being suspended by the ankles, legs spread wide, where the mistress can spin and swing her victim. As a slave you get a whole new view of the dungeon and what the mistress is planning and preparing for you...then she does as she wishes while you are in such an exposed and vulnerable position. The experience was heightened by the glorious red catsuit Lady Lola was wearing - latex being something the mistress wears so well - how can a slave not take all the tortures that are executed on him when such a beautiful vision is delivering them?

As a slave I have always enjoyed wax and candle play, this is a fetish that Lady Lola can administer with great skill, but for me I was grateful for her to move me on to true fireplay, which is a speciality of hers. In restraints and unable to move, the Lady taps your body with fire wands, runs fire trails across you, teases you as she places her wands so very close to vulnerable areas and then blows the flames towards those sensitive spots. She pauses the play to drip hot wax on exposed skin and uses the candle to ignite fire paper which bursts into a brief flame on your body. The whole experience is one of great psychological intimidation, sensual expectation, fear of the flames and a complete trust of the mistress.

Lady Lola, I am now a complete fireplay devotee and a willing slave/victim for this particular fetish, as well as for all those torments you skilfully apply (and those ideas you have yet to inflict on this slave).

Pyro slave


It was such a fitting place to be at Your boot heels as You looked so amazing in all that leather. I'd like to firstly thank You so much for the session. It was amazing. You really are such a beautiful and supreme being who deserves to be worshipped.

Slave A


More than a woman, the booted legs are long, so long and slim yet perfectly shaped. The heels cut down into the palms as before.

I am told to kiss and not lick my way up the dark, dark leather. Dainty kisses she said.
A glimpse at the waist, so, so slim and shiny. Her gloves, darkness, shining and welcoming me to a world where a soul that cares cannot live. I catch a tiny glance at what lies above before a hard, hard slap sends me back to my home at her heels. I saw broad shoulders, perfect breasts wrapped in that black shine, pale skin and the face of an angel. A head and face so beautiful and intelligent that the devil takes me there and then -  from my life forever.
Lady Lola actually allows me to look deep into her eyes. As she teaches me to love pain and the wasting of my flesh for her and only her.
Temptation waited for so long and it has been coming She was too much today. Lady Lola decided she wanted me and i am gone. How can i ever want anything again. My heart has died. It beats only for her darkness.

Slave D


A theatrical London Adventuress by Slave W

After a brief email exchange, Lady Lola requested we meet at precisely 5.15pm the following week, outside the door to her dungeon.

After arriving in the neighbourhood of the dungeon before the agreed time, I cooled my heels by mingling with the Londoners shuffling home from work, in temperatures beginning to slide.  At precisely 5.15pm I knocked on the heavy basement door and was greeted by an image from another world.  Dressed in red shoes, black tight net stay-ups, a black latex dress with red feature trim and topped with gorgeous face sporting long blonde hair, held in a stunning long blonde pony-tail.  Lady Lola standing before me represented several of my most recent fantasies and desires.  She was a cross between the blonde latex wearing contortionist in the early scenes of the film Holy Motors and the blonde spandex wearing jogger that I lusted for most mornings, as she jogged on a parallel path to mine.  Lust and desire are important for sex, but also for the bdsm that I pursue.

Our session commenced with me naked and prone before Lady Lola as she seated herself on her black leather high backed throne.  Her black studded shoes were first kissed then licked and sucked, before being allowed to remove each shoe and sniff and lick her feet that had only just 

carried her through her busy London afternoon.  Lady Lola thought my licking was almost to the level of a dog and requested I work harder at my inner dogginess, by becoming her dog for the rest of our session.

She began my doggie training, by wrapping a collar around my neck and leading me around her dungeon while I was naked and on all fours and supplying Lady Lola with a bark of approval.  She instructed me to remain close to her black studded right shoe, but not to touch her or her shoe.  At one stage I was concerned that she might lead me out onto the busy London street, to show her fellow Londoners how to train a doggie.

Once we returned to the position in front of her throne, she saw that my erect doggie cock had been dribbling excitement onto her once clean dungeon floor, so she scolded doggie me and demanded doggie me lick up my mess and clean her floor.  Also to reprimand doggie me for making a mess, she spanked my bottom several times with her hand, the last spanks getting closer together and more painful.  At the end of the spanking, Lady Lola requested I bark once to thank her.

For further doggie training, Lady Lola fastened nipple clamps to both of my doggie nipples and suspended a dangling weight from my doggie balls.  After this, she again pulled on my lead and paraded me around her dungeon on all fours, with my knees and hands close to her black studded right shoe.  After the parading, she praised me for being a good doggie, by patting and roughing my head, before pouring some water into a stainless steel dog bowl and requested doggie me lap up the cool water with my tongue.  Using my tongue to take the last drops from the dog bowl, delivered more compliments from Lady Lola and another request for a doggie bark of thanks.

Next, Lady Lola led me to a corner of the dungeon and requested that doggie me roll over and lie on my back on the cold concrete floor, so she could tickle my doggy underside, before restraining doggie me for some further training.  She chained my feet to a spreader bar, then chained the bar to the wall before placing herself in a seat opposite where I lay, teasing me to try and get me to stretch and have my tongue reach her legs.  First I tried to reach her while restrained and still on my back, but couldn’t get enough length, so rolled over onto my front and enjoyed the excitement of extending my tongue to briefly brush Lady Lola’s leg.  The excitement was intense enough for me to not realize that my squirming and straining had pulled a right shoulder muscle that I didn’t notice until after our session. Again Lady Lola requested a doggie bark of thanks.

Every good doggie needs to be fucked, so Lady Lola slipped into a strap-on to fuck my doggie mouth, followed by my doggie butt.  Feeling how this fucking excited Lady Lola and knowing that the centre of her excitement was brushing against my butt each time she thrust into me, made the pain and difficulty of this position worthwhile.

As a reward or punishment for my efforts, Lady Lola took advantage of my restrained position with butt exposed and restricted, by delivering a quick fire succession of spanks with her hand, followed by thrashing with a thin birch cane.  As my butt reddened and the pain built, Lady Lola requested that I hold in my yelps of pain, like a good doggie.  Normally I dissolved pain by transferring the pain into sounds, so holding in the sounds was initially very difficult, but ultimately developed a different but pleasing type of high.

Lady Lola eventually sought a different distraction, so unchained my feet before leading me up into a waist high work bench, where my feet where again restrained, followed by my hands.  Lady Lola began turning a clanking manual winch near my feet, causing a stretching of the restraints around my feet.  I realised that I was trapped on a traction bench and Lady Lola was keen to see her doggie stretched.

Once Lady Lola had stretched her doggie as far as the bench allowed, she produced a medium length white candle, lit it and proceeded to drip hot wax on my doggie nipples, stomach, inner thighs and feet.  Next she moved nearer and dripped the wax from a closer and hotter height, but this time onto my more sensitive balls and cock – again demanding that I contain my sounds of pain.

Next Lady Lola performed a theatrical and fiery finale that I have never experienced nor encountered.  Lady Lola first rubbed a patch over the areas where she had just dropped the hot wax.  At first I thought she was performing some sort of nursing for the reddening caused by the hot wax, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Instead the candle returned and was relit, before being bought in contact with my skin where Lady Lola had just been rubbing.  The result has an enormous flash, paired with a brief feeling of intense heat and the smell of singed body hair, creating a smile of delight for Lady Lola.  She was setting me on fire and getting a thrill from it.

I knew that I had enjoyed our session this far, but I now knew that Lady Lola was the type of Mistress that I sort and needed. London is very fortunate to have a Mistress that combines beauty, sensuality, skill and adventure, into a theatrical and playful world.  She is an artist at transforming pain into pleasure.

Slave W

Hello Mistress,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how perfect both you and the session was yesterday. Both exceeded my expectations. You are a beautiful and skilled Mistress.

Many thanks for your time .

Slave M

Ordeal by Fire

Naked, on my knees, at Lady Lola's feet I was commanded to kiss each foot as acceptance of her dominance and to the tortures that she would now inflict on me.

In preparation I was placed in a heavy iron collar with a chain attached, nipple clamps with weights secured and wrist cuffs also with weights attached. Pulled to my feet by the chain, the weights on my nipples swung which increased their bite into my skin. The mistress stood and examined her slave for a moment before ordering that I held my arms out to the side. This immediately added a strain in the arms, neck and shoulders because of the weights attached. I was told to hold this while mistress went to get her next toy.

Without hurrying, Lady Lola returned with a candle, stood in front of me and lit this in front of my face. I could feel the heat from the flame and knew the torture would begin. Carefully she held the flame under one of my now tired, extended arms and advised me not to allow the arm to drop and then proceeded to slowly carry the flame along my outstretched arm. I could feel the heat and a slight lowering brought a sharp pain from the burning by the flame. Of course she kindly repeated the procedure on the other extended arm and continued to alternate with each arm with what seemed such a long time and my arms felt like lead, but to drop their height meant being burned by the candle flame. All the while I was in front of a mirror and could clearly observe what was happening. Finally the mistress allowed me to blow out the candle, lower my arms down and she so kindly removed the nipple clamps and weights. This gave much relief to this slave!

My relief was, however, short lived. Commanded to put my hands behind my head and spread my legs wide I knew where the next area of "interest" would be as the mistress bent down and began to tightly bind my cock and balls with thin cord. Then back on went the nipple clamps in the same place as before and I was subjected to stokes of a whip across the buttocks and occasionally to the bound balls. In due course the binding of the balls had done what the mistress required so she efficiently removed this and put in place a cock and balls leather strap with studs on the inside - designed to stop a slave getting any pleasure unless they wanted those studs to bite in deeper!

As a final preparation the wrist cuffs were clipped to a spreader bar and this raised above my head to keep my hands spread eagled as were my legs. Totally exposed both from the front and the rear I could see in the mirror as Lady Lola prepared her fire toys. From here on was an extended ordeal with the flames. Along arms, along legs, trails of fire across the chest, taps to the thighs, arms, abdomen, chest and buttocks with the fire torches and the mistress presenting these in front of my face so I could feel the heat. Most of this could be seen by myself in the mirror, except for the actions to my buttocks and back, but then the mistress intended to assault a more delicate and sensitive area between the legs where I lost the view in the mirror and could only see the top of her head if I dared to look down and risk moving with a flame so close to my genitals.

However I could feel the heat, hear the sound of the flames and a smell of burning and only imagine how close the flames were, especially when Lady Lola did her favourite trick of blowing the flames towards me!

The fire torches then stopped, but not the flames, as a candle reappeared which was teasingly waved close to arms and buttocks but only briefly before the mistress stooped down and proceeded to roast my balls and cock over what seems such a small flame but one that is so much hotter than you might think!

Mindful of my arms tiring above my head these were lowered and released, but ordered to be held out to the sides again, a stressed position even without the weights this time. The candle was used along their length to ensure arms were kept up and level, but I was allowed to move them this time, as a kind gesture of my mistress, but only upwards as was so necessary or be burned by the flame as it was moved closer to my flesh.

How long all this torment and torture continued for I do not know, but after a short, second period of fire brands on my body I was allowed a period of respite.

Lady Lola was then so kind as to let her slave lie down, but on her rack. Arms secured above my head and feet were attached to the winch which was so deliberately and gradually wound up to bring the legs and body to a stressed state of tension. By now my nipple clamps were no longer in place but my iron collar and chain was along with the studded cock strap - the neck chain was padlocked around the cock strap making too much movement painful as it pulled the studs into my flesh. Finally a couple more turns on the winch to add just that bit more tension!

So began another fire ordeal. Hot wax liberally dripped onto sensitive nipples and over my genitals, the latter already in discomfort from their studded enclosure, now being burned and that in itself increasing my excitement and anticipation which further caused the studs to dig into that sensitive flesh. The mistress was clearly enjoying herself with the wax, but paused as she artistically laid out some fire paper on the top of my thighs, lower abdomen (so very close to my cock and balls) and my nipples. Clearly there was to be a spectacular fire display to end my torment. Without any hurry, working her way up my body, I was tortured with dripping wax intermixed with ignition of the fire paper with the candle. On each ignition by the candle there was a short, sharp pain, a flash of yellow flame from my flesh and a smell of scorching. It came to the last fire papers on my nipples, these were right in front of my face, and they seemed so close as the flames burst from them and the smell all the more intense. 

Up to this point the intensity of the fire play had dulled the senses to the aches induced by the stretching to my limbs, but when it stopped these came back with vengeance! However my ordeal by fire was now ended. Indeed the fire play had ended, but not my torment.

Lady Lola had some new toys she was keen to christen and I was to be her victim. Still racked, my cock strap was removed and the mistress opened up her new set of urethral sounds. What was about to happen was described to me as she dropped lube on to my cock and moistened the first, smaller sized, of these intimidating devices. Just beyond my sight (I feared moving my head to see might disturb the operation that was taking place in my nether regions) it was described how the cold steel would be inserted into my cock and slid down inside and then came the sensation of that very practice. My Mistress was pleased with how far, and easily the first sound slipped down inside me. From here the size of subsequent sounds was increased, sometimes missing out one size, and the anticipation of what pain would be induced was so very intense. It was related to me how much the Mistress enjoyed this ultimate act of a female fucking a male in this manner, inside his very own cock. Pleased with how much of the sounds I had taken, I was finally released with numb limbs from the rack and a promise from the Mistress of so much more to be taken in future from all of the rest of her, larger sounds as yet unused.

I await with anticipation developing fire play still further and to higher levels with such a skilled practitioner as Lady Lola.

A Fantastic experience as always from the magnificent Lady Lola who brings theatre, performance and exquisite style from her classical dancing background into her dungeon sessions. I so wish I could be her willing victim more frequently, but the next time will never be far away! 



The Lure of Perfection